Course Syllabi, Modules, and Internship Handbook

These materials were designed to provide a framework for the study of early childhood policy (ECP). Specific elements (e.g., readings, activities, scheduling) are modifiable to meet diverse institutional contexts. It is hoped that study of ECP will address the themes presented in the syllabi and modules.

Course Syllabi

In accordance with ECPIHE’s foundational intent to prepare and support a cadre of scholars who address ECP, the ECPIHE initiative has created a series of course syllabi designed to define a core course of study for the field.

Internship Handbook

Designed for students who will be involved in a practicum or internship and the faculty guiding them, the Internship Handbook provides a guide to planning, executing, and evaluating the experience. Expectations for the students are outlined, as are expectations for the faculty advisor and the internship supervisor. The Internship Handbook is intended to be modified to accommodate the needs of different IHEs.

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What’s Happening in Early Childhood Policy in Higher Education?

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