Early Childhood Policy Case Studies


Early Childhood Policy Case Studies

Early childhood policy case studies provide concrete examples of policy efforts, success factors, and ongoing implementation challenges in the field of early childhood. Cases can be used to enhance discussion in early childhood policy courses in higher education and to provide lessons for current policymakers in the field of early childhood.

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Our multimedia cases are designed to support college instruction in early childhood policy (ECP) courses by highlighting the complexity of early childhood systems and the policies that govern them. The ECP case studies explore topics including policy goals and outcomes, ECE funding, unintended consequences, implementation challenges, organizational dynamics, and tensions. These cases are based on articles and reports and interviews with diverse stakeholders including researchers, policymakers, implementers, and the beneficiaries of the policies.

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The Early Childhood Policy in Institutions of Higher Education (ECPIHE) seeks to support the development of a new field of early childhood policy. In so doing, it strives to enhance the study of, and experiences related to, advancing early childhood policy in American institutions of higher education (IHEs).

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California Transitional Kindergarten

Published October 2022

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