Professional Development Resources by EarlyEdU Partners

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Professional Development Resources by EarlyEdU Partners

A variety of products and resources, developed by EarlyEdU associated centers and initiatives, are publicly accessible to nonmembers and ready to download and use in professional development activities.

15-minute In-service materials.

15-minute In-service Suites

15-minute in-service suites are a professional development resource organized around one topic or big idea. Each suite includes a presentation, learning activities, and video examples. Download and use these suites with staff in busy, active early childhood centers.

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Close up of Kindergarten boy leaving yellow school bus.

Transition to Kindergarten

Discover why kindergarten transition practices are key to children’s ongoing social and academic success. Coordinated transition efforts between all parties help children maintain and maximize gains made in preschool. Learn how to plan and carry out a child’s successful transition from preschool to kindergarten.

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Preschoolers wearing hoodies and jackets, play outside. Two girls run holding hands in the foreground while a boy plays on an individual trampoline in the background.

Head Start Center for Inclusion

The Head Start Center for Inclusion is a website that provides resources supporting early childhood educators in their work to ensure that children with disabilities are full members of their learning communities. Resources include visual supports, training materials, video examples, and more. Explore, download, and use these materials for coaching and PD activities.

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Cultivate Learning Circle Time Magazine TM

Circle Time Magazine is a dynamic professional development web series and magazine for early childhood educators, parents, and providers. Each episode features guest experts sharing their knowledge, ideas for using everyday materials, favorite books, and high-quality examples of learning in action. Join our hosts as they discuss topics related to the work providers do with young children every day.

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