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Faculty, instructors, and trainers in our EarlyEdU Alliance community have swiftly transitioned to online teaching and professional development efforts. The EarlyEdU Media Library is an invaluable resource to support virtual and in-person teaching and learning. The Media Library has content that can be downloaded, embedded in a learning management system, and streamed for use in courses, presentations, and professional development activities. Browse interviews with faculty experts, examples of evidence-based teaching practices, webinars, and more! Join the Alliance and take advantage of the Media Library’s comprehensive offerings!

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" Like many faculty across the country, I am challenged to quickly adapt and modify my courses to convert them to online. I excitedly went to the Media Library to download classroom video clips. I was also able to immediately locate a specific video that I was searching for to embed. Thank you again! I can breath easily and I am going to work immediately with the library." 

Melissa Johnson
EarlyEdU member faculty
Highland Community College

Media Library Highlights

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2,200+ captioned videos of evidence-based teaching practices, interviews, and lectures (English, Spanish, and Somali subtitles)

Blue stand up screen icon with video play button.

Lecture videos featuring subject matter experts.

Blue film projector icon.

Observation-length videos, 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes in length

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Dual Language Strategy and Spanish Language videos (with captions in Somali, Spanish, and English).

Professional Development Packages containing curated materials focusing on specific topics.

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Inclusion videos produced by the Head Start Center for Inclusion

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Curated images of early childhood teaching practices.

Media Library Features

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Generate and embed codes in your learning management system.

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Curate your own video collection using the system lightbox

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Collaborate and co-develop your collections with a colleague.

Designed and Built for You

The Media Library was designed and built based on user testing and feedback from Alliance members. The Media Library is easy to navigate, browser friendly, and there is no limit to your downloads. Content is current, professional, and new material is continually added.


"Phenomenal sources of developmental appropriate videos and information in one place."

EarlyEdU member faculty

"Helpful one stop hub for research-based resources."

EarlyEdU member trainer

"Very user-friendly site with all kind of resources to put into practice."

EarlyEdU member instructor