Supporting Adult Learning


Supporting Adult Learning

The guides and tools below are designed to support faculty in helping students apply and reflect upon concepts and practices presented in lecture, and applied in field placements.

The Intentional Teaching Framework diagram consists of 5 parts: Know, See, Do, Reflect, and improve.

Intentional Teaching Framework

The EarlyEdU Alliance uses the Intentional Teaching Framework as the framework for its approach to professional development including college teaching. The framework is based on a conceptual model of competency-based, intentional teaching that specifies the process through which professional development results in improvements to teaching practices. The framework serves as a guide for designing interventions to improve the quality of teacher-child interactions by making teachers become more purposeful and deliberate about their teaching.

The framework incorporates a variety of adult learning principles. The interrelated components of Intentional Teaching Framework form a cycle of knowledge and experience in which the starting points and order of steps can vary. The components work together as a dynamic interactive system to produce changes in teacher practices that lead to positive outcomes for children.

If you are interested in learning more about using the Intentional Teaching Framework, check out the EarlyEdU Approach course to find more resources and ideas.


Adults looking at a shared computer screen in an office.

Video Discussion Guide

Videos can be a powerful tool for bringing inclusive practices to life and providing students an opportunity to analyze and reflect on what they see. This guide provides a set of questions and an approach that can be applied to video based activities with students to help them get the most out of the learning experience.

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